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Paul's Boutique

This is an incredible film put together in sync to the entire Paul’s Boutique album, with footage comprising videos, performances and snippets of samples and influences for each lyric and track.

An incredible amount of work that could never be sold due to the myriad rights issues relating to the footage. Huge credit to all involved here, this is beautiful.

Direct link the movie is here 

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I was in a Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia asking Wier Chrisemer about the origins of the Othmar Schoeck Memorial Society for the Preservation of Unusual and Disgusting Music. Chrisemer is the man to talk to about Othmar Schoeck.

Mos Def - Mathematics (Freddie Joachim Remix)

If there’s a better remix out there in the world I haven’t found it!

This is a superb mix from a fair while ago now… Kate Bush… Funk… Hip-Hop… it’s got it all.

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Correction appended. One morning last July, in the rain forest of northwestern Brazil, Dan Everett, an American linguistics professor, and I stepped from the pontoon of a Cessna floatplane onto the beach bordering the Maici River, a narrow, sharply meandering tributary of the Amazon.

Rappin’ 4 Tay - Players Club

Shares a sample with Rappin 4 Tay… comin’ up!

(Source: Spotify)

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